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Jill Stein: Raises Money For Recount

Green Party Candidate Dr.Jill Stein launches Vote Recount

Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein raises enough money to launch vote recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. READ MORE

Get Out and Protest

Civil Disobedience is a must! Against Trump & Putin

Civil disobedience is a must, but it must be done in the millions, every day and every hour. We must not stop. We must continue fighting for what we believe and want for America. READ STORY

Election RIGGED

Civil Disobedience is a must make your voice heard!

Sources have said that the election was rigged and that some election equipment was tampered with by side loading malicious code into election machines. READ STORY

Bread Basket of America

The NAFTA Effect - How Midwest Farmers & Ranchers loose BIG.

It saddens me to see that so many people in America's Bread Basket voted for Donald Trump -  a bigot, anti-Semitic, racist, individual. YOUR HATE TRUMPED your pocket book. READ STORY

Syrian Civil War: Origins & Motives

A Multi-Nation Proxy War

Before the Syrian Civil War started Syria was a rather un-remarkable Middle Eastern Nation. But why was the fate of a Third World Dictator suddenly of interest to America? READ MORE

A Treatise of Government

Understanding our Democracy and the dangers of loosing it.

Where the Supreme Law is Religion, you will be ruled by a Caliph, a supreme leader. We need to understand our Democracy so we can protect it from falling into the hands of madmen. READ MORE

"Judenrats" The Enablers

The minorities and enablers.

The willing participants of other races that helped Adolf Hitler's regime quel fears and control the Jews. READ MORE

Donald Trump's Third Reich

Trump's Cabinet assignments look more like a KKK rally.

"Give Trump a chance!"-Says a black guy named Dave Chappelle. "GET THE ROPES!'- Says the KKK READ MORE

Donald Trump and Treason

Could get death penalty if charged.

What you might not know about Trump's ties to Russian hackers. READ MORE

Hitler's Gestapo

Hitler's henchmen and aids

Hitler's henchmen and aids, like Donald Trump, helped him in conspiring to deceive the world from their true intentions.

Hitler's Mis-information Campaign

Lies, lies and more lies.

The psychology and art of mis-information to decieve the masses into believing your lies.

The Final Solution

Mass removal and deportation

The involuntary DEPORTATION and removal of the inferior masses from their country and into the death camps.

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