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Stormy Daniels Juicy Trump Video

Juicy Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump Video made public on YouTube.

We believe it's a hoax, what do you think?
A recently published video on YouTube claims to be a retaliation against Donald Trump, by porn-star Stormy Daniels. Video Screenshot

The uniquely blurred video appears to be taken by cell phone in some dark room. It shows what appears to be Donald Trump heavily drinking something while an almost comical woman if you can call her that, lap dances in front of Donald Trump.

The video appears to be some very sadly scripted joke putting Trump in a very compromising situation. We contacted the publisher Over18 TV and all they would say is that the video was given to them for publishing.

However, the video appears to be a hoax or a crude joke. It makes for a great laugh.
You decide.

Ops Writer- Mike Pompeo

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